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Your best choice for personal property tax compliance services.

Why Choose About Advanced Property Tax Compliance?

Dedication to Lessors and to the unique needs of the leasing industry. Our firm is dedicated to providing solutions to the leasing industry. We are not a property tax firm that has some leasing clients, a firm that is interested in selling property tax software, an accounting firm, or a firm that does other types of taxes. Our staff has over 70 years of experience working only on personal property taxes, mainly for companies in the leasing industry or companies with thousands of assets at thousands of locations. The agent working on your assets is a licensed property tax agent who can sign the returns; has expertise filing returns, discussing values with assessors, reconciling, and paying personal property taxes nationwide.

Advanced property tax software. We developed our own software because off-the-shelf PT software couldn't meet the many needs of our clients with different portfolios and operational procedures. Founder, Mr. Don Martin, developed the first feature rich personal property tax software specifically designed for the leasing industry over twenty years ago. Today, the latest release uses current technology, program languages, and internet portal access so clients have the property tax information they need. We believe our software is the most sophisticated property tax software in the industry, unlimited in the information we can track per asset or lease. This allows us to meet the unique needs of our clients. If you require an unusual report, have an exclusive arrangement with a lessee, or other special requirements, we can quickly make changes to our software.

Flexibility to meet your needs. We are flexible enough to meet unique requirements and can provide a complete outsourcing solution or partial services to augment your in-house program. For example, (1) we can make tax payments to the treasurers, (2) send tax payment checks signed or unsigned to you for mailing, or (3) provide a file to your AP software that will allow you to print the tax checks. This flexibility extends to every process of personal property tax compliance, including special reports or e-files.

We can grow with your company. Our software can interact with McCue Systems, LeaseTeam, IDSI, Oracle, SAP, Classic, TurboLease, IFS, Odessa, SFFA or any other lease management software and accounting software packages. As your needs change you won't have to worry about our ability to interface with your new lease or accounting software.

Web Technology. We have developed our software so clients can access their account and asset information by using the web via a portal. This allows our clients to view what is being done with each asset. Our clients can print "Tax Bills", "Buyout Tax Estimates", "Termination Reports", and other pertinent reports to improve their operations and customer service departments.

Stable pricing. Our fees are typically 40-100% less than our competitors. Why? The software, workflow, and systemic processes that we incorporate make our employees three times as productive as our competitors. We pass our operational efficiencies to our clients by charging cost effective fees while providing more services. We don't offer intro pricing then raise rates significantly over the remaining life of the contract.

We stand behind our work. If a filing or bill is late, we pay the penalty and interest - not your firm.

Customer Service. We believe customer service is the most important function of the total service we provide to our clients. Each client talks directly to the licensed agent that filed and handles their account. Our agents have years of experience dealing with assessors and know the jurisdictional nuances for each state.